About Us

Lead Source Residential Services

Lead Source provides New England homeowners with a wide range of services. These include the removal of lead, asbestos, and other environmental contaminants as well as the performance of a variety of construction and remodeling work.

Historical Restoration

  • Windows, doors, shutters and siding
  • Molding duplication and repair
  • Custom period glass and glazing shop
  • Epoxy repairs

Dip Tank -- Our 4ft. x 4ft. x 8ft. dip tank operation allows us to offer professional paint removal for just about any architectural or historical item, including doors, windows, shutters, mantles, railings, spindles, hinges and handles. The process will remove paint from wood, copper and other surfaces. The stripping and restoration is handled by our skilled professionals who take the utmost care in assuring your historical item is restored to its original state. In addition, Lead Source can reproduce missing architectural details. We also offer epoxy repair, historical glass installation, glazing and finish painting to your color specification.

Other Services

  • Vinyl siding
  • Finish Carpentry
  • Sheetrocking
  • Encapsulation