About Us

VecLoader ® HEPA VAC Industrial Vacuum

Our versatile, automated VecLoader ® HEPA VAC is a completely self-contained, mobile, trailer-mounted HEPA vacuum unit capable of removing asbestos, lead, debris, bird guano or any other unwanted materials. Our vacuum is HEPA-filtered so you do not have to worry about dust contaminants in the exhaust of the machine.

The VecLoader can be set up outside of a building and debris can be transferred over 1000 ft. to a disposal container. Collected materials are automatically packaged directly into a bladder bag, haz pak box, drum or dumpster that can be removed from your job site to an approved waste disposal facility.

Our VecLoader never leaves the site, working continuously until your job is done. Our staff can complete your vacuuming job for you, or a fully trained technician can assist you with your clean-up needs while you rent our machine.

Our VecLoader can vacuum large areas in a short amount of time. It reduces clean-up time and labor by as much as 50%. Our unit is capable of conveying 6-9 tons of dirt, debris and rocks per hour and 220-280 gallons of liquid and sludge per minute.